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The Palazzo Angelica is located in the inland Istria.

Istria is a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and a historical region and the Croatia's westernmost region. Making border with Slovenia, and close to Italy, Istria has an intriguing history, from the times it belonged to historical states and empires.

Sometimes compared to the Italian region of Tuscany and French region of Provence, Istria offers a classy holiday experience. Some of the finest examples of Roman and early medieval heritage are located in coastal towns of Istria, such as Pula, with its Roman Aphitheatre, and Poreč, with the Euphrasian Basilica, an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a home to gorgeous Bizantine mosaics. Istria has two official languages, Croatian and Italian, and each town has its own Croatian and Italian name. English and German are widely spoken.

Inland Istria is a different world. Several hilltop towns such as Buje/Buie, Buzet/Pinguente, Motovun/Montona, Grožnjan/Grisignano, Oprtalj/Portole, etc., overlook the green valleys, rivers, vineyards, olive groves, and forests. The town of Hum/Colmo is officially listed as the World's smallest town; it's estimated to have between 21 and 27 inhabitants, but due to historical importance and urban structure, it's consedered a town. In the past it had its own elementary school.

The whole Istria has a large network of roads, walking and cycling routes, and options for exclusive tours, going off the beaten path. You may want to see a winery, or go for truffle hunting. You might want to explore a number of beautiful historical towns in a day, and have a tasty lunch with a view.

Our Palazzo Angelica is located in Oprtalj/Portole, a town where many of the greatest Istrian landowners chose to have their lavish homes. As a guest of our villa in inland Istria, you will have a unique opportunity to get anything you desire.

Outdoors & Activities


Our villa in inland Istria, Palazzo Angelica is an ideal base for bike rides and trekking routes from Oprtalj to the nearby towns such as Buje, Grožnjan and Motovun. Enjoy the colors, the smell and everything related to the Istrian inland landscape.

Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast buffet, and you will find everything that you need to stock up on energy in the morning and help you face the challenges of the routes that you will cover in the day ahead. If you decide to enjoy a longer stay at Palazzo Angelica, you will discover every day something new.


Wine & Dine


Visit the nearby wine producers of autochthonous wines, selected exclusively by Palazzo Angelica and Villa Momiano. You will discover and experience the genuine reason why this wines are famous and shipped worldwide.

Here you will learn the techniques, the process and history of these fascinating wine makers, as well as taste the wines of course!



Let us help you explore the inland Istria!