Welcome to the Palazzo Angelica – a charming Villa-hotel in Croatia with all facilities you will want to have while discovering the gorgeous lands of Istria.

Nestled into a hillside and surrounded by untouched countryside, the Palazzo Angelica affords guests a fabulous base from which to discover one of the most picturesque and tasty parts of Croatia, the land of wine and truffles. The Villa-hotel comes with stunning panoramic views of Oprtalj and its green rolling hills. There are six glamorous bedrooms, a lounge and a dining room for your locally sourced and prepared daily breakfast.

Outdoors, there is a beautiful swimming pool and large terrace that sweep around the Villa. Palazzo Angelica even has its own spa, complete with fitness area, whirlpool and Finnish and Turkish sauna.

Your Hosts


Foodies, wine lovers, travelers in pursuit of adventures discovery, and all the luxury travelers will find their right place here. Palazzo Angelica villa-hotel in Croatia staff will ensure a tailor made experience for you. Palazzo Angelica feels just like your own private residence, with a homely and tranquil atmosphere.

Villa History


Staying at Palazzo Angelica villa-hotel in Croatia is a heritage travel experience. Built in the late XIX century, this noble home reveals the unique character of the Istrian history and culture. Beautiful landscapes around Oprtalj were once the exclusive view for a number of wealthy families owning the lands of Istria and homes in Oprtalj.

Descending from the area of Udine in Italy, the Timeus family lived in the heart of Oprtalj, next to the belltower, before they decided to build this beautiful villa. The family is known for having many notable members, such as Innocente, an Agronomy Enginner who was one of the founders of the Oprtalj Beautification Society in 1906, and his wife Cecilia who was the only teacher of the local all-girls school. Their children and grandchildren became journalists, writers, and artists.

Following the Second World War, the villa became public property, while the Timeuses, along with many other wealthy Istrian families, moved away and continued their lives as emmigrants, remembering their beloved native soils in their writing. In the mid-2000 the villa was purchased by family Fattori, the current owner.


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